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The SS-SFP-SMA breakout board is an SFP+ Host Compliance Test Board (HCTB). It incorporates a standards compliant 20-pin SFP+ "gold finger" board-edge connector on one end of a printed circuit (PC) board and high-speed SMA connectors on the other end of the PC board. High-speed transmit and receive signals are routed to the SMA connectors via 50-ohm microstrip transmission lines over Rogers RO4350 low-loss dielectric for excellent signal integrity at data rates up to 11Gbps or more. Low-speed signals Tx_Fault, SDA, SCL, Mod_ABS, and Rx_LOS are routed to standard 0.1 inch header pins. Tx_Disable, RS0, RS1, VccT, and VccR are routed to test points and include LED indicators. The breakout boards enable test, debug, and development of SFP+ links.

SFP+ to SMA Breakout Board

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